Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Favorite Places To Find Yarn on Line

Where to get yarn.

Well, I will tell you were I like to hang out other than my local shop. I regret to say that I usually don't buy a lot of yarn there. I love to look,and browse. There are luscious yarns in my local yarn shop. It is  eye candy for the knitter, and there is lots to feel and touch there.

Sadly,  I don't buy there. I  love to support the little craft people here and there. Besides, I have a lot of my own yarn. I love to knit my own sock yarns that I dye. They are my favorite colors so they fit me really well.

I love to shop on ebay.com  for bargains.  It is hit and miss. Sometimes I get a yarn or fiber there though that is disappointing. I have learned to be a bit more discriminating, and this works better.
I also really like to shop at String of Pearls.com,  Check out the fiber treasures in the  yarn mine section at String of Pearls. You never know what you might find.
I also love Etsy sellers. Etsy.com
If you have not checked out etsy.com you really have to. There are some beautiful sock yarns available there from the sellers on etsy.
You can look by what was recently posted from the home page.
I have my yarns on there although I have to admit lately I have not been posting
much.  Perhaps this post will inspire me to get going.
My site can be accessed on etsy by clicking this link http://purplerosefiber.etsy.com
I posted a picture of a skein of my Ultra Merino Nylon Hand Dyed Sock Yarn up at the top of the page.
The colors remind me of the sea near my home on the coast.
If you have a favorite place to shop for yarn on line, post it here.