Sunday, March 10, 2013

Spinning Cotton form Seed. Why Not go for it.

   Spinning Cotton From Seed

I have never spun cotton. I have so much fiber now stuffed in trunks and pillow cases that I may never get to along with several projects lined up waiting in the cue of my imagination.

Right now, I am trying to hold the line and planning to use what I have.  It is much more fun to be in expansion mode for me, buying just about every fleece  I see that I can get my nose into. Ah, just the thought of the lanolin is so yummy. I have stayed away from a couple of fairs lately,  just because I knew I would not, or could not resist coming home with a fleece of two.
It is like standing in front of an ice cream stand.  Not a good idea unless I planned to eat the ice cream.

I like to buy fleece and go from the raw wool to the finished yarn. Dyeing, carding, and blending, sometimes mixing in other fibers such as mohair, or angora into the roving.
What do you like to spin or knit?  What draws you in? - the colors, the scents, texture, the finished project, or maybe all of it.

True confessions. How is your fiber or yarn closet managing?  Where are you stashing your stash?How many boxes and totes are hidden around the house stuffed to the brim? 

I think perhaps restraint is over rated.  Guilt is such a waste of time. I feel great when I am in the energy of just about to buy that fleece and get it home.  I can't wait to get the locks soaking in my slate sink. Get the dye pots out.
Yet, when the fiber is tumbling out of the closet and I don't even have any idea what is in there any more, it is so stuffed, perhaps it is time for  a bit of restraint or a bit of giving away.  I have given away yarn or fiber many times, much to the delight of the recipients, but then off I go again.

Anyway, back to cotton. For now, I will pass.  Or will I.  To be or not to be. To spin it or to live a boring life of guilt and restraint?  What side of me will win out?
If you want to try spinning it right from the raw seed, this video seems pretty cool.

Happy Fiber Frolicing,