Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sock Knitting Books

Since dyeing sock yarns is mostly what I do at Purple Rose Fiber, it is no surprise I would be posting my favorite sock books here.
Sock knitting can be so addictive. If you have not tried it, you might want to. The only part that sometimes scares people off from trying it is the heel. If you take it one step at a time, you will be fine. I can post more about this in another later blog if people are interested.
Anyhow, here are some of the sock books I use on a regular basis.

Most are available at Amazon. I love to get my books there because they often have used copies. They also usually have free shipping if your ordering more than one book.
I love this interweave book "Favorite Socks " and return to it again and again.

This is another favorite. It is basic, so perhaps not so good if you like fancy socks. If you are a beginner at socks, I would recommend this one because it divides the project into three parts so you so you can work step by step as you go. There are easy variations to start with.

This is my absolute favorite sock book. It has lots of different variations from lacy socks to mens boot socks. A lot of the socks in here are knitted using handspun yarns. You would want to be comfortable with guage if you are not a handspinner. My copy of this book is not in pieces, I have used it so much.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Knitting Project-What are you working on?

I always love the start of a new knitting project. I am excited, I love the colors, and have plans to have it done soon.
Then, as I go on it can take on many different forms. I can become frustrated with it and abandon it. Sometimes, I will get bored and let it sit in the knitting basket for months. At times, it has even been years. Other times, I am able to carry it through and actually get it done. To stay excited and motivated.

I admire people who start a project and then finish it in a nice orderly way. They don't start another until they finish the one they are on. Perhaps you are like that.

I, on the other hand usually have three or four going. Usually they get finished, but by that time I am bored with them, and the enthusiasm has worn off for me. Right now I have one sock finished as of 2 months ago, and the second yet to start. My idea to knit Christmas socks is not going to materialize. The sock has been a year in the knitting. I have a second sock in the same situation. Unfortunately, it is not a match for the other one.

I think at this point there is not much hope for me changing my ways. In spite of all this, I do love to knit when I can free up the time.

Today I started a bulky cardigan sweater of hand spun thick and thin yarn that I am designing loosely as I go. I am very excited about the way it is coming out and the colors. Hand dyed yarns in blues and greens. I will try to get a photo up later this week of the colors. I hope I can maintain this excitement and not drop the ball this time. We shall just have to see. I am going around the body in a circular needle and will go onto three needles when I get to the armholes. One for each front and one for the back of the sweater. I plan to knit in the sleeves because I am too lazy to sew it all together. First I will join it at the shoulder, add the sleeves, and then the collar and front trim at the end.
We will see how this goes. I am not usually so casual about it all. When I do knit this way though, I mostly have good luck and it turns out well as long as I stick to easy simple designs.

What is on your needles? What kind of knitter are you? Are you the neat finish it type, or the more casual disorganized type as I am? Or, are you a style all your own. How we knit must say something about who we are? I think this kind of disorganized, half baked style is very me. In the end though, I do come through. I will get to the goal, but I will end up on a winding path most likely. I will chose variety over consistency, and abandon my present path, if I find one that is more fun. This can make life challenging at times, and also fun.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Welcome to Purple Rose Fiber

Debbie here,

Welcome to Purple Rose Fiber. If you are a regular user of our site, you will see that our format has completely changed.

Purple Rose Fiber is also changing. A few years ago when we first started the website, we offered our yarn available for sale on our site. Now, I sell my yarn on when it is available. You can check out our yarns at this link. For the past year or two our site was used primarily to provide information about our yarns, and where to purchase them for our customers.

Purple Rose Fiber has always specialized in hand dyed sock yarns and other hand dyed yarns for knitters. Those of you who have knitted with our yarns know our colors are gorgeous. We are a small studio in Maine that is not open to the public.

Although my yarns will still be available in limited quantities on, I am allowing my self to get involved in new and exciting fiber things more and more.
I have been pursuing other passions on the internet in recent months including writing articles, and offering more content focused material. I love dyeing yarns, yet feel I am ready for a change.

I am setting up our new site to offer articles, links to resources, and recommendations for cool knitting, spinning, and weaving stuff for you to check out.
I am excited about this new venture with Purple Rose Fiber. I knew this change was overdue, because for the past months I found I have not been updating my site.

I hope you will check back often as the site evolves to see what we have to offer.