Monday, February 22, 2016

Easy Bulky Hand Spun Ribbed Hat Instructions

I spun this yarn on my Majacraft Rose Wheel -Single Ply Bulky.  It was dyed after being spun with Jacquard Acid Dyes following the dye directions. The yarn was lightly felted by washing it in hot soapy water and dunking the skein in cold water several times. I repeated this  until the desired felting was achieved.  I used Merino roving for this project.  The finished yarn came out very soft and seemed just the thing for  hats. 
I knitted these hats on a 7 mm 16 inch circular needle that is between a 10.5 and 11 in US size. I would substitute a 10.5 US if you don't have the 7 mm, unless you are a tight knitter. In that case, I might use a US 11.

I wanted to knit these hats  for ages two and four- average size girls.  The smaller one is perfect sized for an average 2 year old. The larger one came out a bit bigger than I intended. It fits an adult woman  medium size head.  I plan to make a third hat for the 4 year old next.
I started with 4 balls of merino that were about 3 to 4 ounces each.  I will have enough to complete the three hats. 

Instructions  as Follows for Adult and Small Child Size Hats
I did not do a stitch gauge- but the stretch in the rib is pretty forgiving if your off a bit.
Materials needed
1 Ball of Bulky Yarn- about 2 ounces
16 inch circular needle size 7 mm or US equivalent (  10.5 )
One set of double point needles of same size
Size small child- About age 2

 Cast on 40 stitches onto a circular 16 inch needle or use double point needles if you prefer.
Join and work in the round until piece measures 7 inches
K 1, P1 Rib
When the length of your hat measure 7 inches-
Change to K rows for the remainder  of the project,  and work in stockinette stitch- knitting around each row.
At this point, you may want to put your stitches on double pointed needles, as it will be easier to complete the rows as they get shorter.
Decrease 5 stitches every other row by knitting two stitches together evenly around the row starting with a decrease row.
K each row between decrease rows .(20 stitches remain on needles after last decrease
Knit one row.
Final decrease Row:  K 2 together around
Bind off by pulling yarn through your stitches around the row and pulling the yarn taught.  Knot the end into the top of the inside of the hot to secure the yarn so that it does not show. Weave in ends

Adult Female Average Hat Size
52 Stitches
Following same directions as above- work in knitted in the round until hat measures 8 inches.
Begin knitting around for rest of hat
Decrease 8 stitches every other row by knitting two stitches together evenly around the row, starting with a D/C row.
Knit the Rows in between the decreases. ( 20 stitches remain after decrease rows)
Knit one row after last decrease
K 2 together around
Bind off